Why are the ears on some Belgian Malinois floppy?

When Malinois are young, ears that are not fully erect is not uncommon.

Young Malinois with floppy ears.

Example of Malinois puppy with floppy ears.

However, as puppies grow, ears will start to erect.

Ex: Young Malinois with erect ears

Example of young Malinois puppy with erect ears.

Even within the same litter, some puppies are simply late bloomers while others have their ears up right from the start.

At the beginning, it has nothing to do with the quality of the breeding during the stage of puppyhood.

However, if a Malinois is well past the puppy stage- and ears are still not fully erect…

…Then it’s most likely due to bad breeding, a lack of proper nutrition, or a combination of both.

If the cause is malnutrition…

…then something like bone broth has a lot of nutrients that can help build cartilage in the ears.

But if not…

…An adult Malinois with floppy ears simply does not meet the standards for the breed and it’s not desireable.


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