How Much Do Belgian Malinois Puppies Cost

If you’re searching for a Belgian Malinois, one of the questions you’ll eventually arrive to is, How Much Do Belgian Malinois Puppies Cost…?

Price of Belgian Malinois puppies determined by several factors.

Factors That Influence Belgian Malinois Cost

You need to consider the quality of the lines, genetic history, AI (artificial insemination), surgery (if needed for delivery), health care, extra attention and time for 24/7 puppy monitoring, additional veterinarian fees, registration fees, local breeding permits, local and state taxes, training if offered, local housing market, local minimum wage, traveling costs, shipping/importing of sire, fees paid to Sire owners, storage of semen, etc…

When you add it all up, you’ll figure out a ballpark of how much a breeder spends in order to successfully raise a puppy for you.

It’s a lot of hard work and somewhere along the process, the breeder has to recuperate those costs and generate some extra cash to re-invest in the improvement of the breeding program.

State By State Puppy Costs

A breeder that doesn’t invest in their program is not successful long-term, so it’s essential they don’t run constantly on the red.

With that said, some states have puppies that are more expensive than others.

For example, breeding along the Pacific Coast is a lot MORE COSTLY than say- somewhere in Kansas.

If a breeder offers training with their puppies- that’s also going to raise the pricing.

So How Much Do Belgian Malinois Puppies Cost?

Puppies in more expensive states can range from $2,200 to $3,600.

If training is included the price can range from $4,500 to $6,900.

Puppies in rural states like in the Midwest are cheaper.

They can start from $1,200 to $2,400…and with training from $2,600 to $4,500.

So as you can see, the price of a Belgian Malinois puppy ranges a lot by geographical location and other factors such as genetic quality and history of parents.

If you’re wondering How much do Belgian Malinois puppies cost in your area- you should search locally in your state to get an idea.

If puppies are in high demand in your state- you’ll find that they will be available at a higher price.

If you cannot find puppies, then you’ll have to resort to looking out-of-state.

One benefit of buying a Belgian Malinois puppy out of state is that you won’t have to pay taxes (in most cases).

Cheap Puppies From “Puppy-Mills”

One word of caution… you probably want to avoid getting a puppy from the ‘puppy-mill valley’.

The ‘puppy-mill valley’ is a region in the eastern U.S. that stretches along the Appalachian Mountains to Upstate New York.

States included in this region that are notorious for their operations in “puppy-mills” include, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kentucky.


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