Malinois FAQ 001 – Needs of the Breed and Compatibility with Children

Hi Angel. Thanks for sending in your voice message. The Malinois can be very family oriented. On a scale from 1-10, the most suitable one for you based on what you said would be one on a level 4 or 5… It’s still a very active dog, but it’s not as intense as a higher level dog. For activities such as riding bikes around town, hiking, runs to the beach and so forth it would be a fine match… You said that you want to make sure the dog will be compatible with children. As long as the puppy is raised with children and has constant contact with people, his mind will become wired to being around that type of environment. It’s something called neuroplasticity. The dog’s brain forms synaptic connections between nerve cells according to how its reared from a young age… Another thing to factor of course is its natural temperament and drive. When you factor in both things- a properly raised Malinois along with a compatible temperament, it will bring to you the best dog experience for you and your family. Thanks Angel and feel free to send in additional questions and/or comments.

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