Puppy Delivery and Pickup…is available depending on breeding location.

As you may know, the PureMalinois Breeding Program follows a decentralized breeding model where breeding females are co-owned with other handlers. This way they all get dedicated attention and their own loving home.

We don’t advocate for a centralized breeding model where 3 to 5 pairs of breeding Malinois are kept kenneled and bred to their death in the same location.

That simply is not aligned with our Pure and Holistic philosophy.

This ESPECIALLY doesn’t settle well with a very active breed like the Belgian Malinois- which requires more personalized time, dedication and exercise than most breeds.

A breeder of say- Chihuahuas can easily have multiple breeding pairs in one location… but a Malinois…

umm no.

With that said, PureMalinos program has breeding females in the Western US, Western Mexico, and Western Canada.

Sending puppies east of the Mississippi River is avoided as that’s the origination of some of the biggest puppy mills in the USA. All of the Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Ohio regions are plagued with them.


You may travel to pick up your own puppy. Puppies between 10 weeks and 14 weeks have been separated from the litter and are placed in foster homes until they are ready to go home. Most of the puppies are placed with minimum training, so the average age of pickup can range from 20 weeks to 24 weeks old.


Airfare is possible for puppies over 14 weeks. Sending a puppy solo on a flight younger than that age is not a favorite practice. Other breeders do it… But with what is now know about how it can affect a puppy… it’s not worth it. It’s best to wait for the puppy to get a little bit older and then fly it out- or have buyer pickup in person.

The airports used for all necessary travel needs are Oakland (OAK), Seattle (SEA), Vancouver (YVR), Anchorage (ANC), Los Angeles (LAX), San Diego (SAN), Cabo (SJD), Guadalajara (GDL), Phoenix (PHX), Boise (BOI), Denver (DEN), Salt Lake City (SLC), Austin (AUS), San Antonio (SAT) Dallas (DFW), Houston (IAH/HOU)


Personal delivery is available depending on schedule and availability.