How to Buy A Belgian Malinois Puppy. Young Malinois on a leash.

How to Buy A Belgian Malinois Puppy

To buy a Belgian Malinois puppy from our PureMalinois breeding program, you need to submit a puppy application. This process is no easier than adopting an animal from a dog shelter. Even more so, as breeders, we have an extra burden of responsibility to screen our homes so our puppies only have the most committed lifelong families that will not be given up on.

With your application, you’ll have the option of making a puppy deposit to accompany it and then schedule a telephone call. This deposit and telephone call will let us know how serious you are out of the hundreds of daily inquiries we get and get to know you and how a Malinois puppy would be a good fit in your lifestyle.

If there’s a good fit, we’ll go over the options for available puppies and/or breeding timeframes.

Note: we reserve the right to NOT place a puppy with you and not do business at all IF it would NOT be a good match. Some people can be very demanding and think that they are entitled to a puppy… please be respectful of our wishes. We are not a public/government agency or a utility company obligated to sell you a puppy. They are our babies after all and we would like to choose their fate… and since they are limited we will only offer them to those who we see would be good parents.

Have in mind that when a responsible breeder places a puppy with you, there is a code of ethics they hold themselves accountable to and one of those is that they are committing to you for 15yrs… which is the average lifespan of a Malinois.  ♥

To conclude, if you want to buy a Belgian Malinois puppy from our PureMalinos breeding program, you have to be a person that is well-informed, respectful, civil, kind to animals, well-mannered, and overall pleasing to deal with…the least we would want to do is to get entangled with someone that is irresponsible and highly conflictive. ♥

Code of Ethics

  • We will only take you in as a client/customer if we know we can make you happy. If we cannot make you happy we don’t want your money
  • We will be very exclusive with the people, families, and homes we choose
  • We will be wise as to where we go with this breeding program for the overall improvement and development of the breed
  • We will constantly improve and learn…and if we make mistakes and screw up, we will be pro-active and find solutions
  • We will separate the high-quality homes from low-quality homes and establish a screening process to weed bad homes out. This way we can choose the best fur parents for our babies
  • We will educate you in the breed and make sure you’re fully informed before you embark on this journey
  • We will commit to you with basic tips, online help, and support for the lifelong ownership of your Malinois. With their avg lifespan of 10-15yrs that’s more than most marriages these days!
  • We will make available free articles and resources online as well as more in-depth advanced courses and private training programs to make you a better Malinois parent

In the end, we want to make sure you’re happy, the puppy is happy and we’re happy… our goal is to SURPRISE you and exceed your expectations so you can enjoy everything this wonderful breed has to offer. We want to share with you this gift and give you more than just a puppy…but a long-term family member and loyal companion… ♥♥♥♥

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