How to Buy A Belgian Malinois Puppy. Young Malinois on a leash.

How to Buy A Belgian Malinois Puppy

To buy a Belgian Malinois puppy from the PureMalinois breeding program, you need to submit a puppy application.

With your application, you’ll have the option of making a puppy deposit. This deposit lets the breeder know that you’re one of the more serious applicants and will get attention first.

After your deposit, you’ll get a call OR email to see what your goals are and if it would be a good fit.

If there’s a good fit, you’ll get the options for available puppies and timeframes.

Note: Breeder reserves the right to decide NOT to place a puppy with you (and refund all your deposits made) IF it would NOT be a good match. Some people can be very demanding and think that they are entitled to a puppy… please be respectful of the breeder’s wishes. When a responsible breeder places a puppy with you, they are committing to you for 15yrs… which is the average lifespan of a Malinois.  ♥

To conclude, if you want to buy a Belgian Malinois puppy from the PureMalinos breeding program, you have to be a person that is well-informed, respectful, kind to animals, intelligent, well-mannered, and overall pleasing to deal with… (the least a breeder would want is to get entangled with someone that is highly conflictive and hard to deal with). ♥

Ok… enough with that negativity…

In the end, the PureMalinois team wants to make sure you’re happy… our goal is to SURPRISE you and WOW you through this whole process. We want to offer you more than just a puppy…but also a memorable experience filled with excitement, anticipation, and feelings of joy that you will never forget. ♥♥♥♥

In addition to all of the above, you have to be very well researched in the breed. The PureMalinois breeding program- being part of the Malinois K9 Association- has a wide array of Belgian Malinois education and courses available by visiting

And even if you don’t buy a Belgian Malinois puppy, the educational products offered in regards to the breed are SECOND TO NONE… There are NO other courses of its kind… AND there’s no other breeding program offering the education and support that you have here.

If you would like to submit a puppy application and start the process now, go to