As experienced Malinois handlers and trainers, in this site our goal is to improve the breed and to provide a resource for all Malinois owners (and prospective owners) to care and train for their dogs more effectively. We are fans of the Malinois breed and we want to raise the standard for Malinois owners by providing information that is not readily accessible mainstream. Information that will not only radically increase the performance and health of our dogs, but also change and improve the lives of their owners. You see, you can’t change a dog if you don’t first change the owner. So we first train the owner and then we train the dog.

Also, we hope that all aspiring Malinois owners become themselves well-versed and educated in the breed by using this site and others before they decide to jump into a Malinois puppy. The best way to keep the standards high on the Malinois is to keep ourselves educated and to take full responsibility for protecting the breed.

Owning a Malinois dog is the best experience a dog lover can have. And when you own a Malinois you become part of a larger community and family of people who are all committed to helping each other. People that own Malinois are really great people and are committed to their dogs, so we’d like to keep it that way. Most problems with any particular breed arise when the breed becomes so popular that it lands on inexperienced, uneducated owners which in turn breed the good traits out of the dog and breed the bad traits and health issues into the dog.

Thanks for visiting and for trying to become a better dog owner by doing all your research.

Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale in California