Home-Made Natural Immune Boosting Recipe for Dogs

Home-Made Natural Immune Boosting Recipe for dogs

In this article, we are going to learn about a powerful home-made recipe formulated to develop and boost your puppy’s immune system to overcome any infection or illness he/she can catch this winter season.

Illness, virus, bacteria is EVERYWHERE. It’s impossible to not be in touch with in one way or another.

The question is not how do we avoid all illness, bacteria, parasites and virus to come in contact with our dog, but how do we build our dog’s health and immunity to a point where no matter where or what he/she comes in contact with he/she will overcome it and deactivate it with little or no symptoms.

It’s very important that you pay attention to this so in case your dog ever gets ill you’ll have a weapon to attack the illness immediately under your belt.

If you don’t learn this recipe nor have its ingredients ready for an emergency, you run the risk of treating your dog after the illness has expanded making it twice as hard to treat, running your medical bills higher and possibly even risking the life of your pet.

This recipe is simple as it involves a few inexpensive ingredients which you can buy with a $20 dollar bill in your pocket.

These are powerful herbs that most people don’t know about nor their health properties and benefits it can give our dogs.

1st, go to your local Walmart, Safeway or another supermarket you’d like and buy these three ingredients: Echinacea in capsules, Bigelow Mint Medley Tea, and Bigelow Chamomile Tea.


2nd you will go home and grab a stainless steel pot 4qt. and fill with purified water and put it on fire until it boils.


3rd when it reaches a nice and even boiling you lower the fire and put 2 tea bags of each the chamomile and Mint Medley teas.




4th you will open 10 echinacea capsules and dispense the herb powder into the pot.



5th you let simmer on low fire for 10min and then turn off the stove.

6th you wait until it’s cool and pour on your dog’s water bowl replacing all his water needs for the next 1-5 days as needed while observing the feedback you obtain.

This powerful antibacterial, antifungal, immunity booster recipe has worked miracles for my animals and now it’s rare to have to deal with any of them getting sick.

It helps with colds, stomach cramps, diarrhea, infections, runny nose, coughing, eye infections and as a normal routine for maintenance and for its natural immunity building qualities.

It may be served warm or ambient temperature. You may accompany your dog with a cup of tea yourself and reap some of the health benefits.

Remember that this is not a licensed vet’s advice and is only based on personal experience. Best of wishes!

If you have additional questions or comments regarding this, feel free to leave your voice message below (via Speakpipe) and we’ll address it in the next blog post.

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