Costco Guide To Shopping For Dog Food

[sociallocker id=”5084″]When it comes to health and longevity in Malinois dogs, the most important component is the diet you feed it.

Not giving good quality nutrition can lead to illness and health problems down the road.

The dog food industry can get away with many things that human-grade food manufacturers cannot…therefore many times dog food is nothing but toxic remains of diseased animals mixed in with unhealthy amounts of GMO grains.

A good Malinois diet is ideally composed of healthy meat from healthy animals with little to no grains.

Most dog food companies like to make grains such as corn the main ingredient in their product because that makes for more volume and it’s cheaper for them to produce.

However, grains in those large amounts are not a dog’s biological diet and are rather unhealthy.

Feeding grains in this ratio will make your dog prone to all kinds of sickness…especially as it ages.

It’s important that you know this information…for the well-being of your dog.

The most important thing you need to learn is how to read dog food labels.

Costco has some mediocre dog food, some middle of the road dog food, and some dog food that is a much better…

Of course, the best dog food for your Belgian Malinois is the human-grade food you would buy for yourself in the frozen meats department and then preparing all the meals yourself…

This way you have full control of all the ingredients.

Sometimes, however, that can be complicated for some families…hence this shopping guide.

Here is a label from a Costco brand dog food.

It’s called Nature’s Domain and it’s $39 dls for 30 lbs.

Some good things about this brand are that it has no grains and that it’s organic…

Organic is great because that means it’s free from GMO’s, which are toxic.

The most important thing to look for is the label in the back… it’s important that you check out the ingredients and make sure that meat is the first ingredient on the ingredients list.

Here we read “Organic chicken” as the first ingredient which is very good compared to other kibble brands.

Below you see other variations of this Costco branded dog food…

They seem to be okay…
I would say the green option is better because it’s organic and the other versions are not.

Now below we are going to see some mediocre dog food that under no conditions would I recommend you to feed your Malinois.





These foods are lower in quality.

If you know our philosophy, you know that we prefer fresh, healthy, homemade dog food over even the highest quality kibble.

However, we also know that for some people that can be somewhat complicated…

Whenever you need to buy dog food, and you shop at Costco…by following these guidelines you’ll be better off than most dog owners who don’t know this information.

As more dog owners become aware and interested in feeding good quality nutrition to their dogs, companies will be forced to create healthier and fresher alternatives if they want to stay in business…

…in fact, companies are now noticing as I’ve seen healthier options like the one shown below.

This is an example of what Costco is offering for health minded dog owners…

It’s incredible!

It’s called “Freshpet”…

It’s supposedly a healthier, fresh alternative to kibble!

Check out the ingredients below.

The price for this small bag of fresh dog food is $19 dls.

It would not last very long…maybe for 3 days or so, depending on the age/weight of your Malinois.

As you can see this can get a little expensive long term.

However, it’s a great option when traveling or on the go.

Next time you go to Costco, stop and think about the information we discussed here and read all your labels before purchasing.

This would get you started on the right path to health and longevity for your Belgian Malinois.



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Need this information if you want to prolong lifespan of your dog and avoid disease as it ages.

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