Home Made Dog Food For Belgian Malinois – Plus An Easy Recipe –

Here we’re going to learn how to prepare healthy home-made dog food for your Belgian Malinois. We’ll include a step-by-step recipe towards the end.

Attached below is a picture of what our Belgian Malinois had earlier today.

Home Made Dog Food Belgian Malinois Holistic Health

The Food Bowl of our Holistic Raised Belgian Malinois…

Home-made dog food = healthy high-performing dog

Less illnesses.

More savings at the vet.

Can’t think of any more effective way to increase the health and performance of your Belgian Malinois than to feed him a home-based diet.

Yes there is much debate on whether to feed completely raw or only cooked…but in matters of diet one thing is for sure…no kibble can come close to what a fresh and wholesome owner-prepared diet can provide (whether cooked or raw).

Even the most expensive premium kibble can’t do that…

For one, kibble is DRY. It takes water away from your dog to digest it.

Secondary, kibble is harsh. Because it takes extra effort to digest it weakens the immune system.

In our experience we don’t like kibble for puppies until after they reach 4-5 months…and even then only if necessary such as for travel/convenience. (Home prepared food for life is the best. Remember how dogs were healthy in the past by eating table scraps??? Yes, kibble back then was expensive so most families fed their dog human-grade table scraps…that’s something to consider)

Let us finish this thought before jumping on to the recipe…

Puppies are very vulnerable at their early weeks of life. They are building their immunity slowly. They need all the nutrition they can get with the least amount of burden on their system. Home-based food provides all that…

Many times we’ve had healthy un-vaccinated puppies on wholesome home-made food…then we’ve introduced organic kibble and they started to get sick…

You may say that it was because they were un-vaccinated but in reality a virus or bacteria, like any parasite, only overwhelms the system and starts to show symptoms when the host is weakened. If the host is strong the virus, bacteria or parasite has no effect on the host…and that’s because the system keeps it in check.

On all these occasions we had to revert to feeding small amounts of bland home-made food again until the effects of the illness subsided and re-build the immunity required for the puppies to overcome it. So from this we learned an invaluable lesson regarding the importance of diet for our animals.

Thirdly, to reiterate, commercial dog food (kibble) is not human-grade. Quality standards are lower than for human consumption.

Most dog owners want the best for their dogs, yet they unknowingly feed them inferior foods.

Next we’ll share with you a home-based recipe to get you started.

Home-Made Dog Food Recipe

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice, Organic Sweet Potato, Organic Carrot, Organic Celery, Chicken Leg/Thigh

Step 1. Pour amount of rice into a bowl with purified structured water and let soak overnight

Raw food barf Prey Model Diet Alternative Home Made Dog FoodHome made dog food recipe chicken and rice and vegetable

Step 2. Take out chicken thigh/leg and let it thaw

Home made doog Food Belgian Malinois sweet potatoes rice and raw chicken

Step 3. Rinse out rice and pour new purified structured water to cover the rice completely and then double that amount. Turn on heat medium-high and wait for semi-boiling temperature.

Home Made Dog Food For Belgian Malinois Health and Performance

Step 4. After rice starts to boil add all the vegetables then lower heat to low.

Natural diet belgian malinois health food for dogs

Step 5. After on low for 20 minutes turn off heat and let it consume itself there. Don’t open the pot for an additional 30 minutes…





Step 6. Food is ready to serve.

Holistic Raised Belgian Malinois Puppies Home Made dog Food

Step 7. Take your dog’s food bowl and serve rice with veggies and on top add a chicken thigh/leg  (raw).
Belgian Malinois Home-made Dog Food Natural Diet

And that’s it.

This is easy and very nutritious.

Don’t add any garlic or onion.

Omit additional spices for now…

Natural broad spectrum sea salt may be added sparingly for additional trace minerals.

This home-made dog food is safe for human consumption …so you may both share a bowl and together reap the health benefits.

P.S. Don’t forget to cook the chicken for your portion!

Note: There’s more to this topic than what we’ve just covered… For example regarding feeding grains or no grains, adding livers/gizzards/hearts, proper or improper raw/cooked combinations, etc… All those will be covered in future posts.

If you have questions or comments that you’d like for us to cover here- send us a voice mail (via Speakpipe) below. Thanks


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