Structured Water For Improving Malinois Dog Health and Performance



water vortex malinois dog nutrition healthDid you know that when you vortex water it becomes more bio-available to the cells in your dog’s body?


This is important to know because if your dog is not able to effectively absorb water deep into its cells it can remain in a chronic state of dehydration regardless of how much ‘water’ the dog drinks.

Here you will learn how to make water more bio-available to your dog’s body by vortexing it so you can help him stay fresh and healthy long-term.

Water in its natural state is an electricity-rich fluid that is constantly in motion. It’s going down rivers, hitting rocks and makings mini vortexes at every encounter.

This electricity-rich water found in nature is more easily absorbed into the cells of your dog because it’s ‘electricity-rich’ and the walls of the molecules when under a microscope are thinner. It, therefore, hydrates and serves its purpose as a toxin flusher in the dog’s system.

What happens when water remains stagnant for long periods of time (whether in a water bottle or large city container/reservoir)?

Well, the water starts losing its ‘static’ and becomes dull. The walls become thicker and essentially the water becomes ‘dead’ and ‘un-absorbable’.

When we drink this water, it may seem as no matter how much we drink we remain constantly thirsty.

And that’s because our cells are screaming for more water, and very little of it is reaching them.

Eventually, your dog will have low performance, will get tired quickly, will start accumulating toxins, will get sick more often, become vulnerable to viruses and his lifespan will be shortened.

Sadly most dogs suffer through this yet most dog owners remain unaware of what’s going much less the solutions available.

What to do about it?

There is a technique you can practice at home to vitalize your water before giving it to your dog. After the water goes through this process, if you taste the water yourself you will notice the water even feels ‘wetter’ and lighter/thinner.

First, you will need two containers. Ideally glass, but if not go for food grade non-BPA plastic.

You will join them at the neck and make sure the joints where they meet are sealed.

One of the containers will have water, the other will be empty.

You will rotate counter-clockwise and the water will flow downward and make a spiral.

Then, you will flip and rotate counter-clockwise again and let the water spiral downward.

After 15 minutes of doing this, the water will have changed its structure at a molecular level. This structured water is now more easily absorbed by your dog’s cells.

Here’s an example of a water vortexer.

water vortex malinois dog health vitalizer

For more information on this, you may research the works of Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958). You will be enlightened.

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