‘Stop The Shots’ -Book Review-


Reading this book was simple. Nothing too complex. The author goes explaining in easy terms that most readers can comprehend regarding the topic of immunology and vaccinations. Although the author claims to be unbiased and neutral on the topic, you could sense a slight slant towards holistic practices… and no one can blame him. Holistic practices have been on the rise being adopted by veterinarians, breeders, pet owners and handlers all over the U.S. because many have experienced it correct the damage caused previously by vaccines.

John (the author) owns a dog, Sparky, a cancer survivor who has received chemotherapy- and he states that it’s common practice to prohibit those pets from ever receiving any shots… One can only guess that that’s where he got some of his first-hand evidence regarding most vaccinations indeed being unnecessary.

As you progress in the book, he lays down all the important points. He talks about how vaccines work, how the immune system works, he discusses titer testing and nosodes. Don’t expect this to be an in-depth explanation of it, but rather a quick run down for the layman.

One part that was pretty shocking was in a paragraph on location 405 (in a Kindle) where he states that veterinarians instead of giving cats their vaccinations between the shoulder blades, give them in their rear legs instead. Supposedly, according to him, this is done because the legs can be readily amputated if cancer develops.

In the chapters following he discusses what vaccines may be carefully considered and which should not. B vitamins are recommended before any vaccination is given and after in conjunction with vitamin C if reader decides to go that route. What most will like about the author, is that besides being slightly slanted towards holistic practices- he will still give you your options so that you’re more educated with whatever decision you make…vaccinations or not.

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Recommend it to future Malinois owners that have little or no knowledge on vaccinations, immunology, and holistic practices. It will help you make educated choices for your dog’s long-term health.

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