• Free From Vaccinations

    Free From Vaccinations

    Prevent deadly diseases by not vaccinating
  • Home-made dog food

    Home-made dog food

    Prevent sickness by feeding a healthy prey model diet
  • Exercise, health and longevity

    Exercise, health and longevity

    Embrace a healthy lifestyle by exercising and having physical activities with your dog
  • Avoid Chemical Dewormers

    Avoid Chemical Dewormers

    Learn why chemical dewormers are bad for your dog\'s health long-term

Welcome to Pure Belgian Malinois Puppies

A Holistic Approach to Training, Breeding and Healthcare. Here you will learn about holistic practices with emphasis on the puppy stage of the Belgian Malinois.

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We avoid vaccinations as much as necessary. We have found that vaccinations cause more problems than those they solve. And puppies raised w/o them are healthier. WE know because We have raised them this way.

Education and Knowledge

Education and Knowledge

We lead with Education and Knowledge. Education and Knowledge are two things which we seek out and share.

Wholesome and Holistic Lifestyle

Wholesome and Holistic Lifestyle

We want to be true our our dog\'s biological nature in order to bring balance and harmony to them. We know that modern living habits and processed foods may cause great havoc to our animals and want to speak up.


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Costco Guide To Shopping For Dog Food

When it comes to health and longevity in Malinois dogs, the most important component is the diet you feed it.

Are Belgian Malinois more difficult to train than other types of dogs?

If we compare the Belgian Malinois with another breed…let’s say with Bull Dogs, Malinois will definitely be much easier to

What are some tips on training a Belgian Malinois?

Depending on the Malinois is the training method. Some Malinois are very intense and require a stronger approach. Other Malinois

About Us


As experienced Malinois handlers and trainers, in this site our goal is to improve the breed and to provide a resource for all Malinois owners and prospective owners to care and train for their dogs more effectively. We are fans of the Malinois breed and we want to raise the standard for Malinois owners by providing with information that is not readily accessible mainstream. Information that will not only radically increase the performance and health of our dogs, but also change and improve the lives of their owners. You see, you can\'t change a dog if you don\'t first change the owner. So we first train the owner and then we train the dog.


Malinois Fan Mail

I love active dogs due to being an active person. I love German shepherds but they have bad history of hip problems.

I love how smart and easy to train they are. I love their loyalty and protective nature. My Malinois had his very own silly personality and was very clumsy but very, very intelligent. I have been getting pudgy becuase I no longer have someone to walk/run/play with on a daily basis and I don’t like […]

My husband is a retired police officer, and we raised a German Shepherd from puppyhood, taking him twice weekly for Schutzhund training. Bennie, our Malinois was a LOVE ! We called him “The Love Sponge”. When he died, it about killed us. He died at the age of 11. We miss the energy of our […]