Meet Bane – Cute Belgian Malinois Undergoing Puppy Training – Wait for it… The Malinois Channel

Video Finally Up!… Meet Bane.

Here we have Bane…

He’s a very manageable Malinois.

Very suiting for family and civilian life, with an even temperament.

He is VERY sweet and responds best to ‘praise’, second to food, and third to tugging.

Will be very rewarding to have in a family with EXTRA amounts of love to spare as he is the kind that enjoys cuddling, being praised and loved… He likes to be treated like a king.

It’s important to note, however, that with him, we’ll have to be extra careful to not bend the rules or let him get away with breaking them as he is very smart and will try to bribe you with doggy kisses…

His exercise requirements are moderate, and can keep up with active families, hiking, running, etc…he’s not OVER-THE-TOP that will bounce off the walls 24/7.

Bane has recently graduated from our Voice to Action program and will soon be living in a quality home in Southern California, (the San Diego area) with his family…

If you’re interested in a Malinois puppy like Bane, start by submitting an application along with your deposit to save a spot in our next class of graduating puppies, which will be the graduating Class of January-February 2018.

Again, here’s the puppy application.






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