Kaiser’s Reel – Off Leash Obedience Training w German Commands for Belgian Shepherds – The Malinois

Kaiser is a medium to medium-high intensity dog.

He’s very manageable…On and Off switch

Has a desire to learn and work…will engage with its owner/handler and focus on the task at hand.

From 1-10 he’s like a level 7.

He’s not over the top… but he’s also not a couch potato.

Will do best with active families, trainers, part civilian & part work role, and sports-oriented individuals…

He loves to tug and has a phenomenal prey drive!

Kaiser is no longer available… He’s been set aside for a quality home in Santa Monica in the Los Angeles, California area…

But if you’re looking for a Belgian Malinois like Kaiser, send your deposit along with your puppy application.


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