One of the most important things to have in mind about TRAINED BELGIAN MALINOIS PUPPIES FOR SALE is what purpose will this dog have?

You see, depending on what you want to accomplish- you’ll need appropriate training.

If you want a dog that will serve for protection… you’ll want some foundations that will serve the role of “protection dog”.

So you probably will want to look for a dog with a good bite and strong grip.

One that has been exposed to a jute toy on which to tug.

This early training will help you accomplish your goal of a “protection dog”.

If you want a dog for search and rescue or other detection roles… you probably want a TRAINED BELGIAN MALINOIS that has been exposed to different scents and taught to find them.

Things like teaching a puppy to find food under an empty clay pot is a good way to start.

Other times, Malinois owners don’t want to go through the arduous and repetitive work that training a baby Malinois puppy takes. Because yes it’s time-consuming!

They just want to take in a BELGIAN MALINOIS PUPPY that is TRAINED to be OBEDIENT.

In this case, you simply need a puppy with some basic commands… like sit, stay, down, come, heel, etc…

Trained Belgian Malinois are best for those that want to save time and hit the road running.