Looking for a trained Belgian Malinois For Sale in California has some advantages.

First, a trained Belgian Malinois will hit the road running…

Meaning you will not go through the puppy nonsense, crying, pooping and chaos that sometimes can happen with a younger untrained puppy.

A trained Belgian Malinois will be obedient, orderly and well-behaved since a lot of good manners have already been embedded.

A trained Malinois is also less risky- as its less likely to get sick and die due to a virus like a baby puppy would.

Also- a trained Belgian Malinois has a more apparent personality and temperament… this will allow it to be matched appropriately to a suitable home.

With younger untrained puppies- many times it’s a guessing game.

You might end up with a very HIGH ENERGY puppy that you’re not able to handle.

Or the opposite, you may end up with a VERY LOW ENERGY puppy that is not interested in training and working with you.

This is a common gamble that you’re exposed to with a young untrained puppy.

Finally, if you live in California- it’s advantageous that you search for Trained Belgian Malinois For sale in California.

This way you can easily go and pick up or have you Malinois delivered to you instate without additional hassle, airfare costs, etc that may incur with a Malinois from out of state.

So You’re Ready to Go Get A Trained Belgian Malinois…What’s Next?


Before you go out and contact trainers and breeders- you have to first take inventory of your goals and the main role you want this Malinois to perform.

Ask yourself, “What do I want this Trained Belgian Malinois to do for me?…

Depending on what your answer is- then you would contact breeders and trainers in California to see what they have available.

Most likely you’ll be asked what is your intended purpose for the Trained Belgian Malinois before they offer it for sale…

This is to assure it would be a good fit.

Let me give you an example…

If you’re seeking for a Trained Belgian Malinois For Sale in California– and the main role this dog will have is a protection dog- then the type of Malinois you’ll be seeking for is one that has a different temperament and personality than any other.

A Malinois for this purpose should’ve been started on some bite work and have its prey drive developed.

Not all Malinois are good for protection… it takes a special type of dog.

Now of course,

…the more protection training a Belgian Malinois has- the older it will be and the higher cost.

This is great if you want a Trained Belgian Malinois that is ready to do it all without much additional work on your part.

Typical Age

The typical age for a trained protection Belgian Malinois like this that is ready for the job- can be from 1 year to 4 years old.

If you want a younger pup that is started in training but not yet completed- then you’ll probably look for a younger puppy that has been started on with the basics…

A half-trained Belgian Malinois is ideal for someone that wants to be part of the training of their Belgian Malinois in order to bond in the process- but not do the repetitive monotonous tasks in the early stages.

A typical age for a younger puppy like this is between 6-10 months.

Obedience Training

If you don’t want a Trained Belgian Malinois For Sale in California with some high-end training- but you do want one that is so obedient that you can take it with you everywhere for safety and deterrence- then you’ll probably want a Malinois that has some obedience training.

Trained Belgian Malinois For Sale with only obedience training is less costly than a fully trained protection dog.

A dog with some basic obedience will typically know how to walk on the leash without pulling, how to sit, stay, down, come, heel and so forth.

Essentially the basics.

Some puppies may have advanced obedience training- which includes additional off-leash commands, retrieval of objects (fetch), and so forth.

How to Find Trained Belgian Malinois For Sale in California

To find your perfect Malinois partner- you’ll have to do some scouting.

Ask trainers if they know anyone that has some trained Belgian Malinois for sale in California.

Search online, google.com for Trained Belgian Malinois for Sale in California to see what comes up.

Contact some of the top search results.

It will be probably a little hard to find a good Malinois since they are in high demand and there are not many trainers or breeders that work with them.