Belgian Malinois Puppy With Dirt On His Tongue

[This page was created to be used by owners of puppies from our program.]


Hello Malinois family!

A key part of our breeding program is remaining in touch with our Malinois homes.

We will be sending biannual reminders via email for you to come to this page periodically to share with us updates of your Malinois puppy journey.

We will welcome all weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annual updates on your Malinois. You can upload as many photos and videos as you’d like by using our “Media Upload” link below. There’s no limit on file size!


  1. Below you’ll find a link to upload your Malinois puppy photos and videos. Simply click the ‘Media Upload’ link.
  2. Below you’ll find a link to send a written puppy update. Simply click the link to fill our ‘Puppy Update Form”.

Step 1: Upload Media

Note: All media uploaded becomes our property and by submitting- you grant consent for us to share with other MALINOIS LOVERS! via online and throughout social media. The Malinois community enjoys looking at these. 🙂

When the window pops up, just click the upload files button, choose your files from your phone, tablet or computer, then enter your email and finally wait for the upload to complete. Don’t close the window, otherwise, your upload will cancel.

Tip: DO NOT CLOSE THE WINDOW WHEN IT POPS-UP UNTIL YOUR UPLOAD COMPLETES! (Closing the window before the upload is completed will interrupt and cancel your upload.)

Thank you!


Media Upload Link

Click This Link Or The One Above To Upload Your Malinois Photos and Videos


Step 2: Written Update (Update Form)

Click this link to fill a quick ‘Puppy Update’ form… simply answer the questions regarding your Malinois pup and submit… Some questions are related to the health of your Malinois, any behavior issues, hearing your fun stories and your overall experience with the breed…

Simply click the link and a form will pop up.. You just fill in the blanks, answer the questions regarding your puppy and that’s it…we will get your puppy updates- quickly and hassle-free.

Written Update Form Link

Click This Link Or The One Above To Send a Written Puppy Update


Again, thank you for keeping us in the loop.


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