Best SHTF Survival Dogs

In this article we will talk about survival dogs. One thing that I like about the Malinois is that its a very adaptable and rugged all-purpose dog. When it comes to choosing the ultimate breed for SHTF situations this is your best friend.

Unlike other breeds, the Malinois posseses all the qualities that you might desire from a survival dog. This breed is very smart, highly trainable and intuitive. Because the breed hasn’t been exposed publicly as much as other breeds, they haven’t been overbred, inbred nor illbred by unethical breeeders. This means that genetic-wise they are more intact will remain healthier into adult age with little to no worrying of genetic ailments. Not only that. Because they have a relatively higher lifespan, they will offer a more companionship time.

Size. Malinois are relatively smaller than other comparable breeds. The benefits are that they become highly transportable, easy to carry, eat less food(in food scarcity situations), are leaner and can fit through snug or tight spaces (very important for those living in high earthquake zones that want to have a trained ‘search and rescue’ dog to fit through the concrete rubble in case of a disaster).

Protection. The Malinois despite its smaller size, its still a very powerful dog. This advantage of smaller size yet still strong to bring down a subject is the reason why German Shepherds are being replaced by Belgian Malinois in huge numbers with the police departments and military. Their jaws and physical strength are still powerful weapons that when properly trained can be an added defense layer.

All in all, for preppers seeking for the best SHTF survival dog, This is the recommended breed.