The Belgian Malinois breed overall is very suitable for search and rescue.

Their natural desire to want to train and work with you make them perfect dogs for those that want to get involved in this field.

Whether it’s for professional search and rescue as for a for-profit company that renders these services to the public…

…or for a non-profit that helps the community in emergencies.

Either way, the Belgian Malinois is your best bet for these purposes.

Belgian Malinois for Search and Rescue

However, many times, people hear about how great the breed is and they want to get one…

…the problem tho is that most people are not interested in getting their Belgian Malinois into search and rescue.

It’s recommended that if you don’t plan diving into ‘professional’ level search and rescue, that you at least get into ‘hobby’ or volunteer search and rescue… and this way you fulfill at least a little bit of the dog’s drive to track and smell.

It’s also good to note that depending on the level of training and sophistication you want to get into, you should also get a Malinois that is comparable in intensity levels.

It makes your job easier when your Malinois is naturally driven to work when getting into intense training.

However, if you don’t plan getting that deep into it, then a lower intensity Malinois would be best suited for you.