Belgian Malinois Breeders Arizona

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Puppy Price And Availability

If interested in Belgian Malinois Breeders Arizona, you have to have in mind that most reputable breeders are very careful where each puppy is placed.

Before you apply, you have to make sure that you have a fair knowledge about the breed… and that you’re as fanatic about the breed as much as we are.

One common mistake is that in their excitement… new Belgian Malinois owners hurry up to acquire puppy without thinking it through.

This is very bad.

It’s ideal that you take your time and commit yourself in your mind and heart before you decide that you’re ready for this big decision.

We have created this site to help you a little through this searching journey with some articles and tips.

The Belgian Malinois is a wonderful breed no doubt…but its reputation is based on the owners, hence the reason most of us as ‘gatekeepers’ of the breed want to make sure new owners are educated on the breed and responsible.

If you would like to inquire about our Belgian Malinois puppies, fill out our application below.

We are considered the best option for Belgian Malinois breeders Arizona.




The purpose of our application process is to select ideal homes for our puppies. Our experience is that people who go through this end up with the right puppy for them and are happier. Deposits will be accepted if puppies are available. Click ‘Application’ icon for current details.

(Application process dependent on breeding schedule and puppy availability. The right to not place a puppy with homes deemed not ready for the breed is reserved. We’ll consider first-time Malinois owners on case by case basis. Active/Retired military/police or patients of PTSD therapy are encouraged to apply. Contact for the availability of trained young puppies 4-15 months and skip the baby stage. To care and protect for the breed- homes sought for are those that share the same philosophy prescribed here.)



Credit Card, Paypal, and Bank Transfers Accepted


Malinois K9 Association
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Mesa, AZ 85202
(480) 565-7895