Belgian Malinois Breeders For Sale in Denver Colorado

Belgian Malinois Breeders For Sale in Denver Colorado

AKC Belgian Malinois Puppies For Sale in Colorado – Breeders & Trainers

Puppy Price And Availability

There are not many Belgian Malinois Breeders in Colorado that we would recommend as a reputable Belgian Malinois Breeder

The thing is that the only one or two breeders that exist in Colorado don’t focus on the right traits and attributes that a Belgian Malinois puppy needs to have.

In the past, they have always served in working roles first and pets second.

Today, the uses that this type of dog has varies a lot… from hiking, exercise buddy, canine cross training… all the way to professional competition, agility, Schutzhund and French Ring.

As the breed continues to influence the American culture, our families and even our military…these dogs will become ingrained and become part of our identity.

In this site, as you continue on your path of finding a puppy, we will guide you and help you with useful information so that you find a good quality breeder.

We like to practice holistic and natural rearing methods with our dogs and in this site we share a little bit of how we do that…we minimize or avoid vaccinations all together…we feed home made food that is human grade and we definitely avoid kibble or processed foods!…

Now, this holistic method of raising Malinois Puppies for Sale in Colorado is definitely a more difficult and arduous method…

And many breeders aren’t committed to this approach to breeding…

But, it’s well worth the work it takes to find one instead of getting a puppy from someone that cuts corners.

It’s important that breeders stay on top of their game to produce only healthy and smart Belgian Malinois that will end up being placed with homes that are truly interested in giving the best for their dogs!

It’s sad to see how many Belgian Malinois Breeders in Colorado (Denver and surrounding areas) don’t care much where their puppies end…and we try to stop that with education and knowledge.

That’s why we provide training to homes considering this breed so they know best practices in the caring and raising of their pup.

In preparation for bringing a Belgian Malinois home, go and take a 5 Day Puppy Orientation for free.

If you’re interested in going through this program, go and submit an application below!


The purpose of our application process is to select ideal homes for our puppies. Our experience is that people who go through this end up with the right puppy for them and are happier. Deposits will be accepted if puppies are available. Click ‘Application’ icon for current details.

(Application process dependent on breeding schedule and puppy availability. The right to not place a puppy with homes deemed not ready for the breed is reserved. We’ll consider first-time Malinois owners on case by case basis. Active/Retired military/police or patients of PTSD therapy are encouraged to apply. Contact for the availability of trained young puppies 4-15 months and skip the baby stage. To care and protect for the breed- homes sought for are those that share the same philosophy prescribed here.)

Credit Card, Paypal, and Bank Transfers Accepted